Monday, April 28, 2008

blogs i like

gillian over at hit pay dirt was sweet enough to give me a giant E image award for excellent blog. so nice. i think it's one of those pass-it-on things so i'd like to note, other than gill, i love reading mike's tiny farm blog, milla's hilarious country lite, and elizabeth's pensive welsh hills again (and perez hilton but let's leave that one out). i'd also like to link to my girl jp, over at vine in a cold climate. d & i live here with her & her black lab in her beautiful house. she brought me coffee this morning.

1 comment:

Hit Pay Dirt said...

h, I wish you were my next-door gardener. :) next door blogger will do my fine enough though. i'm a secret perezzer myself. wishing i didn't and devoted myself solely to folk like michael pollan and jeffrey sachs. it's all a tightrope.
take care.