Friday, December 30, 2011

time flies!

Happy holidays all!! Yep I'm still here... just got distracted :)

So much to write but am currently typing one handed with baby snoozing in the other. Just wanted to post a quick somethin' before the year ends. Because, gee... what a year. Okay I've re-situated to give me another hand to type, temporarily.

Our little man arrived on the morning of Nov 24th! He's beautiful and awesome. We hang out all day. Details soon: I want to type up his "birth story", note the ups and downs of our first month of learning how to do this mama/baby thang, and generally just blab on about how great he is and how much life has changed for the better since his arrival. Soon. Baby's stirring.

The above pic is A in a Christmas sleeper my brother B wore as a baby. Mom got a charge outta that.