Wednesday, October 29, 2008

things we do

A small thermos of coffee, curious cat, sleeping dog, CBC classical, incense, warm sweater/socks, and a list of special and important things to do with my time between waking and starting work at 9am: music, reading, writing, exercise, planning. Things creative and enriching to feel purposeful and balanced and well. Alas, there's never enough time. Hoping the self-discipline to curb wanderings into time-wasters (day-dreaming, celebrity gossip websites, amazon book browsing, fetching snacks...) will develop as my frustration with lack of productivity grows.

Speaking of productivity, D took some pics at one of his job sites where they're building a post and beam "porch" (ah, rich folk) that I think is just so beautiful and incredible. He comes home completely exhausted from a day of carpentry but it must be so satisfying to have something like this be the fruit of your days' labours.
As a software developer, it's sometimes hard to appreciate the intangible outcome of my work. Tho the project I'm on should produce something totally cool and (hopefully) well-used, I find myself drawn more toward a life of things sensual: cooking, baking, gardening, sewing, herbalism, yoga, building things... and all there is to learn, experience, become skillful at within each.

Friday, October 17, 2008

end of the day

Beautiful weekend ahead even if on the nippy side. Friends visiting tomorrow, which is always great. And perhaps since the wood didn't come as scheduled (grr), we can finish the raised bed and put in our garlic finally.

I've the beautiful fire on, about to pour a glass of wine, then once D gets home from town we'll tidy and relax. Truly is a beautiful life here and daily (more often, several times a day) I make sure to take a moment to appreciate something about it, and thank the universe for letting it all come together the way it did. Because after all of my silly worries and irritations, at the end of the day... I'm so thankful and happy to be here.

Thursday, October 16, 2008


Around 7am, a beautiful coyote WOLF paused on the side of the hill beside our house, not far from where I stood on the porch, trying to figure out what the dog was barking at. So majestic, magical... it stared awhile then ran to the tree line and eventually into the woods.

After voting Tuesday night, driving down our road, two big slow beavers slid across the road from the marsh. So cute and so fat.

And last week, coming home from Toronto, a bear! Looking like a night-time shadow beside the car, then moving in front and running ahead of me along the road till dipping back into the dark on the other side... only a short ways from our driveway. Sprinted to the front door to tell D.

Not to mention hundreds and hundreds of Canadian Geese, who's squawks echo and echo. Oh, and deer.

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

new addition

It's been awhile - hope you're all well.

Kawarthas are just gorgeous this time of year, my favorite time, autumn. Leaves just starting to fade, but were in top form over this past Thanksgiving weekend. Whisk and I drove up to visit my folks in Killaloe... beautiful drive and amazing weather. Always nice to see family. My dad's building a house for my brother, and my uncle's building a house too. Exciting things going on.

We've also adopted a new little muffin. Our neighbour came over the other night with news that someone had dumped a cat (drove up, opened car door, closed car door, drove away, then meowing...) at the bottom of his driveway, and since we just lost Raja, would we like this one? He wasn't able to take it in. Can't just leave a cat meowing outside so of course we did. Monday night we brought over a cat carrier, a bowl of food, and a couple bottles of beer and kept watch, eventually trapping the skittish little dude. We're wondering if it was abused - seems healthy physically but quite afraid of getting close. Settling in now, warming to us. So - introducing... nameless, gender-unknown cat!

Ain't she/he cute? Will take it to the vet soon and get all the details.

Whiskey's outside gnawing on a soup bone - dad's suggestion, genius idea. Asked the meat counter at the grocery store for any dog bones and now he'll be happily busy for awhile (just read that I should take it away after a half hour or so).

Oh man, am becoming a woman who talks about pretty leaves, nice weather, and pets. Maybe not a bad thing.

Monday, October 06, 2008

missing raj

Been sort of a morose few days. Our cat is gone, out of the blue, disappeared. I think the hydro people (who were cutting down trees along the road and in our driveway) might have scared her off? But if so, strange she's not back yet as that was Thursday morning. I've walked our country road up and down several times and no cat, so then maybe... coyotes got her? Horrible thought, but reality in this area. Anyway, must admit, have let a sad cloud sit over me, meaning there is less joy in the house, which is not good or fair.

So, looking forward. In time we'll get a kitten, but Raja was truly a tops little buddy and she will be... impossible to replace and thus greatly missed. It's wild how attached you can get to a pet. It's been a decade since I've had one (two!) and the heart-brokenness I feel surprises me. Am sort of taking it as a lesson in things to come when we acquire more pets... and children! Not that I'm predicting a future of profound loss and darkness, but just a reality-check in terms of realising what you can and can't control.

Wednesday, October 01, 2008


A week of grey skies and wetness but at a home like this, living with my love and pets in the country, it's a time to keep warm and cozy... and prepare for winter. Saturday morning drives, big grocery shops, visits from friends. Red wine, zucchini casserole, dark chocolate. Big sweaters, warm socks, scarves. Sitting by the fire after dinner, playing guitar, snuggling. Insulating crawl space, piling wood, servicing snowblower. Snow tires, a hole for ashes, garlic. Vases of purple asters, crisp clean air, tea.

Also: bears!