Saturday, August 04, 2012

cows, baby, biz

Last night while we were watching a movie, Farmer D came by to drop off gifts: veggies for me the vegetarian, and a box of frozen meat goods for the hubs. Also, some cash. It's a nice transaction, to gets some local eats, a nice chat with a well-knowledged (and willing to share) farmer, and a little dough, for looking after majestic cow creatures. Cows are special, even tho they're doomed. They came over from the next farm (extremely dry summer so looking for grass, and able to cross the usually uncrossable marshland) and are staying to eat at our place. There's over 25, half babies. It's lovely and the farm feels farmy now.

I thought this year would be THEE year of hyper-documentation, with the baby and all he does. Also because I'm "not working"... but... time is so precious and all that. A's naptimes are well-spent. Also, living in the moment - everything is always happening now and I have willingly let myself become immersed in that. As a result, I'm the happiest I think I've ever been!

But in the spirit of baby news... A's 8 months now and continuously astounding and beautiful. He seems to be a "late bloomer" with things like sitting and crawling and feeding himself but am confident that will all come, of course, and just watching him grow at his own pace.

He's getting a little more hammy/goofy... sometimes making himself laugh. He also seems to be newly exploring the emotion "anger", waking up early in the morn seemingly pissed off - aggressively foot-thumping and baby-yelling. Though other mornings a peek in the crib yields a smile from the sweetest little cherub of a lad. I honestly can't think of any complaints with Arch - the kid's a gem. He sleeps wonderfully and plays solo happily and rarely cries.

The house is still a construction zone: pails under the kitchen sink, missing drywall, door-less closets, piles of flooring stacked, tools everywhere... all made tolerable by the thought of a nicer home in the end.

Prepping for an online store for our store - it's overdue. We have high hopes for it though will be pleased with anything. Speaking of which, time to get back at it. It's nice to code again. I like PHP.