Wednesday, October 28, 2009

raw truths

Oh body of mine, why art thou such great reminder of things done, things not done, and things left to do? I suppose we just are what we live and it's not good or bad, but is. Each moment we are ourselves (past, present, future) all in one. I enjoy all three and will continue to learn, love, and nurture.

The path to real healing has begun with the goal being a stronger immune system and a peaceful mind. Good vibes, happiness, health. Already I feel the life force brightening within me. It is hard to describe other than calling it a stronger sense of well-being. The motivation behind it I shall keep vague for now: a biopsy, a diagnosis, a warning. Luck murkied in the realisation of unwellness, but luck no less, and a chance to change.

I've been reading everything I can about the raw food diet and its magic. As much sense as it sounds, there seems to be a lack of science, so yes, magic. (Similar to other things in the world not hyper-defined, yet right). So for the past week+ it's been smoothies and salads and good old fashioned vitamins. Not too extreme, but making sure to get lots of good stuff in. So far I'm doing "raw till dinner" and then dinner is usually a vegan something (cooked). Also, slow stretches, and laughter, and breathing. It's time to feel good and good about feeling.

I bought a 3-tier sprouter (sprouts are so good for you!). I know I will like it because I love to garden. I also love sprouts.

Speaking of garden, I've rented a tiller for the weekend! Extending the garden and really making it real. I'm guessing it'll be about 30x30' plus two raised beds that are each 4x8'. Lots of room to GROW.

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

here comes the paint

"How can we plan a wedding when we can't even paint the bedroom?"

So yesterday shelves were emptied, floors were swept, the bed was moved. A little sanding to be done on the new window header drywall (exposed for almost a year?!), priming, then paint over the entire room's brown walls, and new baseboard. Yes, it will be done! Then, a wedding.

I can't wait to get married - we'd do it tomorrow if it wasn't necessary to include our loving gang of family and friends (it is necessary, right?). The venue we picked out had to stop doing weddings so now we're back to square one with t-minus 8 months till show time, if we stick with the date we picked out. That's fine. But a venue really kick starts the rest of the planning, so we're still in limbo. Stay tuned. Every day I think of a new scenario for how it could all go down (cheaply, mindful of respective parents travel situations, low stress, fun?).

Last night I had a bridemare - not the first. The reception was in a too-big hall, the food was crappy, and most people left early. I was sad. In an attempt to salvage things, I found a small radio but wasn't sure what to tune it to to make everyone dance and be merry. At the end of it all, I glanced down at my left ring finger to take in the ultimate joy - being married. Expecting a glint of white gold to shine over the evening, I instead found a ring on my middle finger made of a petrified mushroom. What the?! D said he found it on the street. Dad was polite and said it was very beautiful.

I'm not sure what these silly dreams mean, but I hope they will fade once we figure out what we're doing and start making plans for it. In the meantime, painting the bedroom will feel good. Insulating the house too. Cleaning up the yard. Real things that make sense.

Thursday, October 01, 2009

fall feelin'

Brr it is chilly! The cold landed in so quickly. Last night we had our first fire. What a difference aged wood and a clean chimney make, it was roaring in no time (last year, a late wood delivery made for painful fire starting and a mucked up flue).

Getting to see family more often now that we live closer. So nice. When in Toronto, I'd take the Greyhound to the valley, about a 6.5hr trip, and only on limited days. Now that we live further North with cars, it's a 2.5hr drive through country-side.

My folks and both brothers live in the town I grew up in. B was showing us his amazing pumpkin haul this year. M has been doing road-construction all summer out west but is home this weekend. We'll be 5 for thanksgiving... nice when that happens. Thanksgiving already! And just last month we (er, D) helped dad take out the dock.

We've started making fall to-do lists before the real winter hits. This weekend we'll pile wood on the porch, clean up the gardens, put the lawnmowers away, buy a freezer. Country lyfe!