Thursday, June 26, 2008

live to eat

returning from an indulgent feed of the magic that is cora pizza. last night was a queen st. snack of spring rolls and a corona for $15. and all week it's coffee and birthday pecan pie. enjoying rich fast snacks at the office, culinary delights of toronto's many ethnic eateries after work, and feeling so smugly full after each and every meal... but at the same time, recognising that this can only go on for so long! sugary, salty, oily, processed foods make me feel kinda lumpy and gross after awhile and am therefore looking forward to returning home (finally!) to a kitchen that fosters a much slower, cheaper, healthier roster of eats. my palette is craving a bowlful of simple, clean, nutty brown rice with some marinated tofu and steamed veggies. or fresh apple juice and a handful of raw almonds. salads. and cups and cups of herbal tea.

and further still, the farm. where we will drink water straight from the field's deep underground reserves, and feast on garden yields. blend basil pestos and roasted red pepper dips. savor crisp snow peas and juicy red tomatoes grown from seed. bake strawberry breads, and apple cobblers from fruits picked by our own hands. sip on fresh ice teas from the mint-patch alongside the house. just thinking about it makes me feel healthier already!

not to mention bike rides, swimming, and hiking!

Tuesday, June 24, 2008


there will be a time where, perhaps perched in the above, i will be writing with the breeze coming off the fields, scented of wildflowers, duck feathers, and cedar, writing about how beautiful things are.

till then, not writing so much because it is instead days of city life, work, and punk rock. also good things, but busy. enjoying my montreal bagels.

for this year's birthday, my love presented me with lovely gifts of hammocking, like above. a chair AND the traditional sized one for having country naps... ! we're all set.

Thursday, June 19, 2008


sitting in rotman, the business building at u of t. d drops me off on campus around 7.45am on his way to work and my office doesn't open till a bit later so i've started coming here first. there is strong uni wifi and a comfy chair in the large foyer that smells like coffee. a large digital stock ticker zips numbers by to my right and the sound of high-heeled shoes echos. lots of suits, hair gel. biz people seem to be highly manicured folk. i'm the frump in jeans, black sneakers, and a cardigan sitting happily with a 3yr old laptop beside an old back-pack with a "rockets red glare" patch on the front.

tonight's our first show in a string of shows. should be fun. till then, time to work.

Saturday, June 14, 2008

nice saturday

sauntering barefoot from porch to office to back stoop to front porch to grass to kitchen to office again. plants potted, javascript coded, newspaper readed... it's been one of those quiet, breezy saturdays that you wish would never end. tho i must retract 'quiet' as the neighbours are putting a new roof on their back porch. hammering, sawing, etc. tho it's not really phasing me. i think it would if i knew i wouldn't soon be retreating to a sixty five acre farm where neighbours are few and far... possibly to the point where the buzz of a distant lawnmower might be comforting.

soaking up today as tomorrow will begin a ten day return to the big city. t e n d a y s... eek. tho it should go fast and be fun: dinner w/ shoe mon, practice tues, press mailings wed, show thurs in TO, show fri in oshawa, show sat in montreal, my birthday sunday, and show in TO again monday. -wew- the week is also peppered with dentist and chiro appts as well as long days at the office. so it goes.

another month till we move.

joy of plants

a baby cucumber. it's even bigger than this now, growing exponentially each day. the tomato plants are becoming solid, green beasts despite the limits of container living. there are a couple of happy pepper plants, strawberries, herbs, etc. all from seed! the mini-petunias are cute:

i've never done "container gardening" before now so am happy things are growing well. after closing (early july), a lot of the stuff will go in the ground of the new place. we'll also plant perennials and trees if there's any extra cash. mini tiller will be handy.

Thursday, June 05, 2008


bought a snowblower and a mini-tiller. and night-time reading is an ontario government booklet called "pasture production".