Friday, February 26, 2010

here and there

It is great to live someplace beautiful. Every day I sit at my desk and look out at a beautiful scene. Today, a winter wonderland: peeping birds, a patrolling dog, snow-filled fields, trees, clouds. Yesterday I looked out the office window and saw 15-20 wild turkeys eating seed off the ground, under the feeders. Surreal! They spooked too soon before I could get a picture. Hope they'll be back - what a quirky bunch.

We're at the tail-end of a snowstorm - D's home from work due to the weather. He brought me coffee in bed and read aloud Wikipedia info about Myanmar/Burma, Ango-Burmans, Aung San, and so on. D's folks are from Burma (hi Char!) and it's interesting to hear about the changes that were happening there/then. We're off to Owen Sound this weekend to visit them and cousins... looking forward. We'll also be meeting with our wedding caterer on Sunday. Mmmm.

I'm having another geriatric day - my back went out yesterday. Hobbling around.

Sunday, February 14, 2010

back into it

Thought I'd drink wine and make music tonight but instead I'm drinking wine and planning the garden. It's hard to do real things when D's gone for some reason, things are on pause. Both lovely and strange to think we're so attached - the machine not fully functioning without both gears. Thankfully my valentine comes home tomorrow.

Was frustrated earlier by my Dr. Sample - it needs some soldering work done on one of the vital knobs. I might buy a kit and give it a go myself... it seems like a useful thing to know. Do soldering kits exist? Mom, can you do it?

Oh the luxury of time and how I waste it. Someday I'll look back on these lazy days with either resentment or envy.

Signed up to visit an osteopath in March... anything for the back now-a-days. I'm actually sort of excited. From wikipedia:

These are the eight major principles of osteopathy and are widely taught throughout the international osteopathic community.
1. The body is a unit.
2. Structure and function are reciprocally inter-related.
3. The body possesses self-regulatory mechanisms.
4. The body has the inherent capacity to defend and repair itself.
5. When the normal adaptability is disrupted, or when environmental changes overcome the body’s capacity for self maintenance, disease may ensue.
6. The movement of body fluids is essential to the maintenance of health.
7. The nerves play a crucial part in controlling the fluids of the body.
8. There are somatic components to disease that are not only manifestations of disease, but also are factors that contribute to maintenance of the disease state.

The opportunity just came to me and I have learned that opportunities that just come to you and feel surprising but right should be pursued.

Sunday, February 07, 2010


Peppermint tea in bed... brought to me by my love, now gone to work. Mo is purring beside me trying to attack my laptop and fingers. -15C this morning but once the sun is shining it should get up to -4. I miss waking at 6am to the sun, but it is getting lighter earlier.

The days are very slow but the months are fast. It's been an easy winter - not a lot of snow, not a lot of intolerably cold temperatures. Sort of a great winter, but I've been keeping warm indoors, skiis and hockey sticks sitting idly on the porch. Oh well. It's gonna be fun to have kids someday, yanking our sleeves to get up off the chair, away from the fireplace, and out the door. Doing stuff is usually more fun than not. Tho hibernation can feel pretty great too.

Am adjusting to a new haircut... always takes awhile to feel like yourself again, but I'm appreciating the lack of knots, the lightness, the change. The hairdresser thought I was 22. I also got shampooed for the first time in 2 years which wasn't nice. Apple cider vinegar rinses have since returned its bounce and shine.

In other news: black garlic, the return of making music, atwood, nail polish, bird feeders, wedding plans, seeds, seeds, and more seeds... for a kick ass 2010 garden.