Monday, February 23, 2009

valentine city

Pretty roses from my valentine. Am a lucky gal. So nice to have flowers in vases in the house... need to plan for ample cut flowers in the garden, tho so many pretty wildflowers around too. I don't know much about the cut-flower industry but curious about cut flower farms in Ontario and local flower shops that stock them.

Got my 2009 grow list somewhat figured out... a few things missing but nothing a seedy saturday can't fix!

Was in the big city this weekend for a band practice and D's band's last gig eva/Ancestors' 7" release. Very enjoyable. Old Toronto friends, head-banging, late night tea. Before that, a homemade mezza at J&N: falafel, stuffed grape leaves, bulgar salad, fried cheese, pita, and maple-walnut pie for dessert. MMM!

Nice things:
1. D's Burmese chickpea mash thing
2. a tow truck driven by nice retired dairy farmer
3. february almost being over
4. rock shows at sneaky dee's
5. norma's orchid collection

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

slowly turning pages

Quiet writing time... less words in the winter. Instead, energy goes into keeping warm, well fed, and fully rested, so that these cold cold months can pass with relative ease and calm.

Lots of tea, and a fire each morning. Lunch-time baths. Early to bed with an episode of something (six feet under, extras) or a gardening magazine. The pets full of energy in spurts, but mostly sleeping. Bundling up to fill the bird feeder, run around with the dog, wipe snow off the car, bring some more wood in.

Our first winter here, lovely... but so ready for spring!!!

Nice things:
1. james brown (music, not the man)
2. brownies
3. d's family
4. breakfast with jp & m
5. chickadees

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

rain in february

Love seeing the snow piles fade with today's +6C and rain. Once the rain stops, I'm going to finally walk down the road allowance with Whisk and see what the rest of our property looks like. It's ridiculous we haven't been to the end yet! - our last attempt was hindered by bear scare. Looking forward to seeing what we'll find tho guessing there won't be too many surprises, just more trees. Trees and trees and more beautiful trees.

Seed orders are coming in! Richters arrived this week and included the following:
Basil, Purple Delight
Basil, Mrs. Burns Lemon
Chamomile, German
Cucumber, Lemon
Savory, Summer
Spinach, Bloomsdale
Chives, Mauve Garlic
Strawberry, Alpine (not yet - on back order apparently)
Hyssop, Rose Nectar
Pink, Sweet

Going to start some of the perennial flowers tonight, to join the ones I started February 1st. Of those, pansies, lamb's ear, cat nip, and rosemary are up! C'mon spring!!

Wednesday, February 04, 2009

painted ladies

Just opened up a pack of Painted Lady runner beans to check out the seeds and they're beauts!

patience now

Life is good... not sure I've ever felt this at peace with my life. My folks always said 30's were good (well, I'll be 30 this June) and I'm guessing this is part of it. Old enough to have stuff somewhat figured out, but young enough to feel like life's just beginning.

Speaking of new life (no, not that), I've put in my seed orders for the upcoming garden season... LOTS of stuff on the way! Some arrived yesterday from the Cottage Gardener! They were quick.

Golden Wax Bean
Painted Lady Runner Bean
Mammoth Melting Sugar Pea
King of the North Sweet Pepper
Potimarron Winter Squash
Scarlet Nantes Carrot

Richters order should be here this week. Not sure about my biggest, from William Dam. They usually take awhile.

Have been re-reading one of my favourite garden books, Great Garden Companions. Even tho it reads a little easy, like a kids book, the info is solid and useful. Am busy figuring out my veggie neighbourhoods and their friends (hehe). Love the way kitchen/potager gardens look, with flowers and herbs and vegetables all inter-mixed. That's what I'll be aiming for this year.