Tuesday, March 30, 2010


Sun's shining, crocuses blooming, robins chirping.

D's drywalling, sanding, priming, painting.

I'm seed starting, stretching, coding, organising.

Friday, March 19, 2010


Even tho life has geared-up a notch... maybe several notches.., we are feeling easy. We are happier, excited, energized. Maybe it's naiveté, maybe it's just change, maybe it's cos we're on the right track. We won't know until after the jump if we'll fall on our faces or keep bouncing. Regardless, it's worth a shot. Green living is the future. Butterflies.

Monday, March 08, 2010


I'm watching the snow melt. There are now patches in the fields where it's gone and, along the house especially, the rest is disappearing quick. The parsley survived, and even swiss chard is growing up through the snow! Bulbs are poking their heads up too.

Tried planting some lettuce in a bare spot in front of the porch, covered with plastic containers as cloches. Minus the one Whisk chewed apart, I'm hopeful something will grow under them. Greens in March would be fabulous.

Loving the sun, and making a point to break now and then to sit out in it.

Tuesday, March 02, 2010

solo dayz

D left for the Sound again to visit relatives again, soon heading back to England. He's been into the 'stuff you should know' podcasts recently and so Josh and Chuck have become good company in the evenings. With D gone, I hung out with the two for awhile and learned about government experiments, witchcraft, and now 'can you control your dreams?' is queued up. Sitting by the fire, sleeping pets, wine. The lovely, always appreciative of it, usual.

The big wedding stuff is finally sorted and we're now onto dotting i's and crossing t's. The fun details that make planning a big bash kinda fun. It's really real to think D and I will be officially together forever in just four short months. I'll be a WIFE! GOOD GOLLY!

D got carded at the beer store yesterday (he's 34). Just wanted to document that - it happens all the time, despite his grey patches. It's kind of awesome.

Spring is sprunging - I got to walk around Toronto in sneakers the other day. That felt good. I walked all the way to Princess Margaret where they told me all is well. Kinda skipped back to work. Massive, massive, massive relief.

This weekend is wide open. I got books out of the shelves, piled and ready, if I want, whenever I feel like it. Ooo... maybe I'll finally get a card at the Bobcaygeon library.