Tuesday, May 18, 2010

fiancee moment

Not sure this beer will help me fit into my wedding dress but it sure works for right now. Mowing the lawn (even tho D did most of it *cough*) is hard work. Also, I still love him even tho he mowed over my hydrangea.

Summer's pretty much here, along with the skitties, but I'll take it! Frost should be over soon, if not already. Basement plants need to spread their roots, and I need a chaise lounge to lie in. Can't wait to go swimming.

Dad turned 59 today! Visited the folks over the weekend and baked a carrot cake with cream cheese icing - something I must do again soon. Also, my bro left for another summer doing road construction out west. Things move along...

Madly striking things off wedding to-do list. Really looking forward to the party, being married, and then... taking a break from to-do lists. Since April (store) it's been non stop! But I ain't complainin', life is full and good. Cheers!

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

pacing oneself

Wedding RSVPs are trickling in, in the mail - tiny envelopes delivered to the end of our driveway. Email is cool and all, but nothing beats the hand written, hand delivered, good ol' Canada post. Even tho it cost ten bucks to send my moms a bar of soap for mother's day... and stamps keep going up... it's still worth it! I find myself listening for the little burl in the driveway at 2:30 that means the mail ladies have come and gone. And the small break I can take from the computer to slowly walk down the drive, listen to the birds, smell the air, and check the little metal box.

I'm losing my back more and more and it's starting to become a growing concern... how will my spine carry babies if I can barely stand up at the end of the day? How can I keep smiling as I age if the pain just gets worse and worse? Yoga is a must... but how many times have I written that? And still I just sit around and feel sore and stiff. Time to join a class - am obviously lacking the self-discipline required to exercise solo. I see there's one in Bobcaygeon now, so no excuse! Also, now that D has mornings again (store opens at 10), we've decided morning walks would be good. To feel elderly at 30 is... not good.

One more thing... nothing new... needing to savour the moments. Keep the pace with all the wonderful stuff going on, but live the moments slowly and full of awareness. Enjoy life.

Sunday, May 09, 2010

may may be great

Bloggies, apologies. I have not written in awhile but that time is over - the store is open and we have our free-time back!

Here is the beautiful green beast:
You can see more at our site, mixedgreens.ca. We're having a mother's day sale on bar soaps this weekend... hehe. And after the wedding, an online store! Our first week of sales bode well for a successful summer... such a relief, so satisfying, and cheering.

Wedding planning going well too. We are a solid team, D and I. It feels good to do things and make things happen together. D's a happy man. And I've accepted a new job at OCAD for August 1st - it will actually be my current job, just moved to a new university. So good changes all 'round.

Woke up to SNOW this morning. Really. It hasn't melted yet - still a very cold, grey, blustery day. I'll spend time in the basement repotting seedlings and starting some more seeds - the extras I can sell at the store, which is so cool. Other than that tho, another slow year for gardening. Too busy again, and that's okay. It'll still be good, but not the canning and freezing wheel-barrows full that I hope to someday achieve. Someday.

A girlfriend of mine is due to have a baby today... mother's day! So excited for her. Speaking of mothers, I love mine.