Tuesday, December 21, 2010


Our third winter in the country... my how things change. All the responsibility we've taken on, it's really built our life here.

Sometimes I forget how increasingly unmoving that makes us, but how nice that is, and how firm we stand on the ground up here, 2 hours north. It is our community and our land, it is our friends and each other. We held hands and dove in and now we're fish in this tiny, gracious pond.

When I can't make the city, it realises my ties. Not to just the bank account, but the little chicken mouths to feed, and the locals we keep our store open for (even in the quiet, quiet winters). Not worth it to leave unless for work - work funds here-ness, and here is all we have and aspire to.

We are rich in our love for the quiet, the fields, one another, our pets, the dreams, the possibility. We've created and continue to create our experience, and it means replacing old ones. Even tho space and time are infinite, I keep becoming aware that mine are not. Humbling, centering.

We saw the lunar eclipse at 3:10am on winter solstice, under clear starry skies, in deafening silence.

Saturday, November 27, 2010


There's a weather vane on top of our chimney and on windy, cold days, it creaks. I can hear the strange metallic moan through the fireplace, but the sound is good. As always, the reminders of nature's presence/force/uncontrollable-ness are soothing to me, and living on 65 acres let's me tune into this feeling every day. I would say it is a spiritual feeling, in that I feel accompanied by what surrounds me, and it calms my own spirit.

It also reminds me to let go and enjoy what is. No matter what I decide to do about -insert thing that's on my mind-, the wind still blows, the sun still shines, the night will still turn to a new day. I find this hugely obvious observation immensely comforting and grounding.

D finished the store displays last night, and we set things up in anticipation for today's santa parade crowds. Tho most are out and about to enjoy Christmas cheer and not really shop, I think the displays are an excellent addition to the store in general, and have really added some practical retail spice.

Speaking of the store, I'm going to finish up the curry D made this morning for our lunches and get back to work on our online shop.

Thursday, November 25, 2010

hot apple cider

I've eaten so many clementines this week my tongue is feeling sharp, but I don't care... eating another as I type this! So good. And now, I'm following a simple, fragrant recipe for hot apple cider. It's a lovely time 'o year.

Tho it froze rain/hailed most of today. Luckily I'm getting my winter snow tires on on Saturday... this week's weather has kept me from driving into the city. Saturday is also Fenelon's big nighttime Santa parade, apparently attracting thousands to our small town. Hopefully it brings a little life to the store this weekend. D's building some window display shelving tomorrow and we'll set up a little Christmas'y display.

Luna's learning things from Mo:

We just did our first load of laundry in the new appliances. A marriage-y moment. I never thought I'd say this, but our front-loading washing machine is sweeeet yo.

Sitting by the fire... even tho it's a daily thing now it still feels worth mentioning, cos it's so nice. Lune's back sleeping at the top of the chair, I think she's officially laid claim to this spot, even tho she's getting big and the pillow sinks and she falls a little behind it. She's so cute.

Dang that cider smells amazing.

Oh one more thing - I've started meditating again. 10min each morning, that's it. Isn't it a Buddhist saying that every journey begins with a single step?

Sunday, November 21, 2010

november timbre

A very fast slow Sunday. Made myself sleep in just cos I haven't done that in awhile... don't like it, but glad I did it. It's like a placebo for recharging. Husband visiting his fam while I keep the fire burning and pets fed.

Visited our lovely neighbours this morning. Their little one is now 5 months old and rocking the jolly jumper. R set up his deer-cam in our bush which will hopefully yield a neat snap or two. Apparently bear tracks back there too! Going to walk the bush soon to gather wreath-materials: cedar bows, berries, leaves. Hopefully bears snooze soon.

Big excitement this week was our washing machine died. Our dryer bit the dust months ago so yesterday we bought a new pair 'o appliances from bert's, in town. Good deal, tho biggest selling point is that Bert can fix it should anything break... buying local is a lovely thing. Still feeling the money crunch tho, still waiting for a pause so we can catch our breath. I think it's just how it is right now, so really trying to find peace in knowing that it will even out and all be worth while. Investments. Planning for the future is a funny thing.

What else? Oh I made a chicken video.

Winter tires, cleaning out chicken coop (gonna put poopy straw on the garlic), making new friends, Christmas, baking, piano tuning?

Only 30 more years till I retire!!

Friday, November 12, 2010


Yawned, rolled over, hugged my husband, rolled over to the other side, hugged my dog who was whining gently at the side of the bed, nudging his nose into my arms. 6.15am - I've set Whisk to wake me up then. The way you set your dog is you set your alarm clock for a morning or two and let your dog out. From then on, he'll take over alarm clock duties. I much prefer a chilly, wet dog nose (attached to a warm fuzzy friendly little dude) to a loud, insistent beep. He even has a "snooze" feature. I say "Whisk lie down for a bit" and that'll give you another 5.

Feel around the drawers for a warm pair of D's socks, let the dogs out, light a fire. Roll the mat out and sit. Sit and feel the silent morning and smile.

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

jiggity jig

hello trees.

Trees, I missed you, but it was cool to be in a land without you for awhile. A lunar landscape here on earth, with volcanoes and glaciers and deep pools of boiling water and snow. Long open spaces of mossed-covered lava rock, then around the corner to majestic snow capped mountains, then a narrow road along the length of a fjord, then endless grassy fields full of beautiful Icelandic horses and sheep, then a jagged rock face, the edge of a tectonic plate. It can change a person, and apparently always does. M (lovely to have a sister now) was the loveliest tour guide, showing us the city (Reykjavik), the south, and the west. A summer house with a hot tub and northern lights, blue lagoon, air waves festival, fabulous restaurants and cafes and bars. Memorable weeks and great honeymoon.

I resisted buying a "Where's Bjork?" t-shirt at the tourist shop.

I'm now at home watching Luna fall asleep while chewing my birkenstocks, happily gnawing, eyes half closed. Mo's sitting above her, curious. Whisk is asleep across the room. Sometimes I think we have three too many pets, but usually not. They are sweet to come home to.

Trees, it's good to see you again. I like hearing leaves in the wind, sitting by a fireplace, and feeling protected in a forest. It's so nice.

Back to reality. The laundry needs doing, the garden pulled & garlic planted, the work of a 9 to 5 job again. But now with new and amazing memories to be inspired, energized, and soothed by. Definitely need to knit again.

Sunday, October 03, 2010

heat before the chill

Been programming all weekend... the work is endless. Store has quietened down with the tourists gone and we're considering our options for the off-season. Maybe close down a little more during the week and fill it with less engaging, more profitable work until spring come.

We're gonna get lots and lots of seeds. Organic, open-pollinated. Lovely seed displays from lovely places.

Till then...

My back won't move much this week, unless to pick up a puppy. She and Whisk have learned how to coexist, possibly even enjoy each other's company. Learning that adding a small animal to a mix of small animals increases the rambunctiousness of a household exponentially. Our mornings are frenzied happiness.

Got a dehumidifier for the basement. 70% and lowering.

I've started letting the chickens out of the coop in the late afternoons, while Whiskey sleeps. The sun is back there then and they enjoy the grass and bugs.

Did I mention I drove the tractor? It was scary. Also, got rid of 3 roosters and picked up 2 new hens... so we've a rooster and 4 hens. "Awesome chicken" is laying an egg a day. She's a Red Shaver.

Iceland in just over a week. Sweet sweet honeymoon, finally. I need a vacation like I've not needed a vacation before. Just feel like I'm always working and desperately need to unplug. Need to move my body, walk around, bend, see things. Maybe even dance. Swim. Experience the chilly, geothermal lifestyle.

Then home to hibernate... and plan. Projects will include debt management, bathroom reno, kitchen island, and hopefully more.

Friday, September 17, 2010

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Sunday, September 12, 2010

oceans & skies

Lately when I breathe, I imagine the ocean. I imagine each breath as a wave: the rushing sound, the salty vapour, the peaceful way it reaches the shore and then retreats. It slows and calms and brings me to quiet memories.

For some the ocean is a daily sight, but for me it has only been visited in my travels. I've seen so many shores, I can think of many of them now, in the many countries I've been to. Each one is different depending on the day, the hour, but there is always that constant never-ending movement and deep quiet. In and out, breathing. Its grandeur similar to looking at a night sky full of stars. Overwhelmingly large, prehistoric, ever-present. Something to make you feel small, but also alive and present.

The other night I put the puppy out to pee before bed and was caught by the night's windless silence and profound starry sky. Uncomfortable and soothing at the same time. I spent a few moments, then went back in. My micro world of human coziness, watched over by the world at large.

Self-portrait in Cadiz, Spain. Travelling solo for three weeks in March 2006.

Wednesday, September 08, 2010

puppy love, fall, and green living

The puppy adds a little more crazy to our already busy little life, but my outlook these days is if it brings more smiles than annoyance, it's fine, and the pupper definitely adds cheer to the day. She's a goof. I'm writing this listening to a symphony of snoring dogs... sort of a cozy sound.

My man had a takin' care of business day which included breakfast and coffee ready when I woke up, a trip to the vet with la Lune, and then a massive clean-a-thon. The kitchen is now reorganised and filtred of unused food stuffs, the living room also mildly rearranged. Funny how an angle here, a lamp there, and a dusting can change the whole vibe for the better.

R & D cleaned the chimney last night so we're ready to rock once the temperature dips. It's already on its way... but I love the fall. The days are so clean and fresh, and the wind so alive. We might be away during the beautiful leaf changing season next month, but that's okay. Off to Iceland for our honeymoon! My awesome bro will be holding the fort down while we're away. Looking forward to two weeks AWAY with my love.

In other news, we watched "Food Inc" this week and I feel changed. I recommend -everyone- see it. It's about the food industry, and it's totally effed up. I'm so terrified of a GMO world, all seed owned by Monsanto... and the fact that we can't know GMO foods by labels in Canada is so scary and wrong. The thing I will watch out for most is soy as it's one of the more processed things I eat. The documentary has so much more... it makes me think more about how our green store (which had a good first summer btw!) can play a more active role in educating consumers, and providing healthy alternatives. We've talked about writing a zine over the winter to make available in the store, just to educate our community further about all that's going on and how to move more toward a safer, healthier, more environmentally friendly way of living. It's so important!!! Consumers directly influence the world, undoubtedly. Buy local, buy organic when you can, buy fair trade imports if you must, and think of your fellow earth citizens in everything you buy.

Friday, September 03, 2010


The farm is getting farmier! New additions:

Six chickens
Two each of Golden Phoenix, Barred Plymouth Rock, Ameraucana. Two, possibly four(!), are roosters so we'll have to sort that out later. The hens should start laying in a couple months.

New puppy Luna, from brother's mama dog
Her dad is a beagle, and her mom has spaniel/jack russell/pit bull. She's a mutt... a darn cute one. Eight puppies in total! My folks took one too (billy). Lu's crying on the porch right now. Whisk is inside sleeping off this morning's babysitting duty but I might stick him out there again soon. She doesn't like being alone...

Friday, August 13, 2010

I've become a boring adult.

Sunday, August 01, 2010

quick garden notes

-start earlier, and try another sowing 2 weeks later

-bugs eat the seedlings and wipe out half of the crop. row cover? plant TONS more for freezing.
-POLE beans: do it!

-thin them!

-start early. terrible germination this year, possibly planted too late?

-plant in flower beds as bugs totally ate them in the veg garden

-try fresh seed next year. spotty germination.

-'bloody butcher' is a nice little tomato with a cute green blush on top. plant is pretty pathetic tho - very small and few branches. pass on growing this again despite awesome name.
-'pipo' is small and nice for single salads. nothing special, but early and prolific.
-'mountain princess' is also early and very prolific. range of sizes. good juiciness/sweetness. nice for sandwiches.
-'yellow pear' grape cherries are very dry/pastey.
-'sungold' (hybrid)... i see what all the fuss is about. they are delicious and prolific!
-lots more waiting to ripen
-get proper tall wood stakes for indeterminates.

-'early jalepeno' are the last to fruit and some have no fruit. start earlier next year?
-'habanero' are also fruitless, but good size plants.
-'golden greek pepperoncini' are wonder plants producing tons of fruit and plants are a healthy size!
-'cubanelle', 'king of the north', and 'lipstick' all look good with decent fruits
-'new mexico' and 'kung pao' are stuck between tomatoes, not enough sun

-are awesome. love the plants. no need to stake. figure out if i actually like salsa verde.

swiss chard:
-figure out good ways to actually eat it instead of planting/letting go to seed

-plant every 2 weeks, seriously!

-don't forget to plant these things again! really missing fresh cucumber/zucchini.

-not sure it's doable here. flowers fall off and no fruit. seedlings also get eaten by bugs early on, but bounces back. coffee grinds/dish soap on leaves seemed to work.

-pick before the leaves die totally or lose the bulbs!

-start early inside

-pick before going to seed to dry for tea

-need several more plants. pinch back often.

morning glories:
-grow with proper trellis, otherwise grows similar to my nemesis, bindweed.

-move to alongside the house, to fill gap where i ripped out all of the day lilies

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

whisk goofing

response ability

For the past two years D and I have enjoyed our lovely home in the country, relatively problem free. Sure the snow blower might break down in the winter, but it's easily fixed with the help of a good neighbour. Maybe the firewood is too fresh to burn well one winter, but next winter it's bone dry and keeps us very warm. Sometimes Whisk will enjoy the company of a skunk and stink to high heaven, but we tomato juice him and move on. It's all deal-with-able. You deal and you continue forward.

It's funny getting to the point in adulthood tho, where you realise this train of moderate disaster will never end. There's always something just over the horizon that will make your to-do list longer, your bank account smaller, and your R&R time less relaxing. The real ticket then, is to make the moderate feel mild by accepting this inevitable future of obstacles. Make sure to laugh, make sure to plan for the unplanned, make sure to fit in a good meal and a movie. Because life goes fast... and if you just focus on the bummers, it's a bummer. But if instead you see them as learning opportunities in your life long quest for happiness and fulfilment, it's all good.

This week: pricey new brakes on the car, mushrooms in the bathtub, and a chicken coop. This week was also: a dinner & jam session (think jerry lee lewis on the piano) with our new white-bearded artist friend, whole-wheat pumpkin seed honey bread, and an excellent Monday of sales at the store. Roll with it.

Wednesday, July 07, 2010

just married

Amazing to see everyone we love, have it all go so smoothly, lavender everywhere, endless helping hands, good food, and so on. How do I feel now? I feel better. Life is happy, full, and wonderful.

Photo by Samir

Monday, June 14, 2010


A bit paused: weeds - "after the wedding", chickens - "after the wedding", music making - "after the wedding", home improvements - "after the wedding", budgeting properly - "after the wedding", hosting dinner parties - "after the wedding", calling D my husband to townsfolk, but it actually being real - "after the wedding", etc.

The days are normal, it's just a pause on larger things... because a wedding is a large thing. Even tho all is sorted, it takes up mental space. Getting married makes me feel lucky, calm, excited, ready for the future, happy, solid. Now that there are less than a few weeks left, I'm just really amazed by it all. The realness of how great this is. What a gift.

On the weekend my amazing mama hosted a bridal shower for me back home. Surrounded by the women that have watched me grow up, coming full circle to join the ranks of ladies who enjoy kitchen stuffs and gardening and food made with love and a nice glass of wine on the porch on a Saturday afternoon. It's good to feel comfortable in that world, and to be welcomed by so many.

Whisk found a groundhog the other day. Cute thing:

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

fiancee moment

Not sure this beer will help me fit into my wedding dress but it sure works for right now. Mowing the lawn (even tho D did most of it *cough*) is hard work. Also, I still love him even tho he mowed over my hydrangea.

Summer's pretty much here, along with the skitties, but I'll take it! Frost should be over soon, if not already. Basement plants need to spread their roots, and I need a chaise lounge to lie in. Can't wait to go swimming.

Dad turned 59 today! Visited the folks over the weekend and baked a carrot cake with cream cheese icing - something I must do again soon. Also, my bro left for another summer doing road construction out west. Things move along...

Madly striking things off wedding to-do list. Really looking forward to the party, being married, and then... taking a break from to-do lists. Since April (store) it's been non stop! But I ain't complainin', life is full and good. Cheers!

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

pacing oneself

Wedding RSVPs are trickling in, in the mail - tiny envelopes delivered to the end of our driveway. Email is cool and all, but nothing beats the hand written, hand delivered, good ol' Canada post. Even tho it cost ten bucks to send my moms a bar of soap for mother's day... and stamps keep going up... it's still worth it! I find myself listening for the little burl in the driveway at 2:30 that means the mail ladies have come and gone. And the small break I can take from the computer to slowly walk down the drive, listen to the birds, smell the air, and check the little metal box.

I'm losing my back more and more and it's starting to become a growing concern... how will my spine carry babies if I can barely stand up at the end of the day? How can I keep smiling as I age if the pain just gets worse and worse? Yoga is a must... but how many times have I written that? And still I just sit around and feel sore and stiff. Time to join a class - am obviously lacking the self-discipline required to exercise solo. I see there's one in Bobcaygeon now, so no excuse! Also, now that D has mornings again (store opens at 10), we've decided morning walks would be good. To feel elderly at 30 is... not good.

One more thing... nothing new... needing to savour the moments. Keep the pace with all the wonderful stuff going on, but live the moments slowly and full of awareness. Enjoy life.

Sunday, May 09, 2010

may may be great

Bloggies, apologies. I have not written in awhile but that time is over - the store is open and we have our free-time back!

Here is the beautiful green beast:
You can see more at our site, mixedgreens.ca. We're having a mother's day sale on bar soaps this weekend... hehe. And after the wedding, an online store! Our first week of sales bode well for a successful summer... such a relief, so satisfying, and cheering.

Wedding planning going well too. We are a solid team, D and I. It feels good to do things and make things happen together. D's a happy man. And I've accepted a new job at OCAD for August 1st - it will actually be my current job, just moved to a new university. So good changes all 'round.

Woke up to SNOW this morning. Really. It hasn't melted yet - still a very cold, grey, blustery day. I'll spend time in the basement repotting seedlings and starting some more seeds - the extras I can sell at the store, which is so cool. Other than that tho, another slow year for gardening. Too busy again, and that's okay. It'll still be good, but not the canning and freezing wheel-barrows full that I hope to someday achieve. Someday.

A girlfriend of mine is due to have a baby today... mother's day! So excited for her. Speaking of mothers, I love mine.

Saturday, April 03, 2010

feeling green

Thought I'd type a few words before heading to Bobcaygeon to get myself a cone of you know what at the Kawartha Dairy. Today is pure summer - about 25C which is quite warm for early spring. Surely it will dip down again soon but in meantime, shorts, gardening, and hanging out on the porch. I feel so much better with so much fresh air and sun.

Couldn't resist planting a few things: swiss chard, kale, radishes, lettuce, and spinach. Might have to cover them at some point this month but should be okay.

We're aiming to open our green store Sat May 1st - the drywall and painting are all done, and floor goes in today. Next week D will be planning/making shelving and doing the trim work. It's going to be great. Placing orders early this week. Getting a handle on Quickbooks. What a whirlwind but consistently feels good, so focusing on that while we move forward.

Other things: laundry on the line, bird song, frog song, happy tired pets, fitting in house cleaning, bare feet, appreciation of good well water, tomatoes started.

Tuesday, March 30, 2010


Sun's shining, crocuses blooming, robins chirping.

D's drywalling, sanding, priming, painting.

I'm seed starting, stretching, coding, organising.

Friday, March 19, 2010


Even tho life has geared-up a notch... maybe several notches.., we are feeling easy. We are happier, excited, energized. Maybe it's naiveté, maybe it's just change, maybe it's cos we're on the right track. We won't know until after the jump if we'll fall on our faces or keep bouncing. Regardless, it's worth a shot. Green living is the future. Butterflies.

Monday, March 08, 2010


I'm watching the snow melt. There are now patches in the fields where it's gone and, along the house especially, the rest is disappearing quick. The parsley survived, and even swiss chard is growing up through the snow! Bulbs are poking their heads up too.

Tried planting some lettuce in a bare spot in front of the porch, covered with plastic containers as cloches. Minus the one Whisk chewed apart, I'm hopeful something will grow under them. Greens in March would be fabulous.

Loving the sun, and making a point to break now and then to sit out in it.

Tuesday, March 02, 2010

solo dayz

D left for the Sound again to visit relatives again, soon heading back to England. He's been into the 'stuff you should know' podcasts recently and so Josh and Chuck have become good company in the evenings. With D gone, I hung out with the two for awhile and learned about government experiments, witchcraft, and now 'can you control your dreams?' is queued up. Sitting by the fire, sleeping pets, wine. The lovely, always appreciative of it, usual.

The big wedding stuff is finally sorted and we're now onto dotting i's and crossing t's. The fun details that make planning a big bash kinda fun. It's really real to think D and I will be officially together forever in just four short months. I'll be a WIFE! GOOD GOLLY!

D got carded at the beer store yesterday (he's 34). Just wanted to document that - it happens all the time, despite his grey patches. It's kind of awesome.

Spring is sprunging - I got to walk around Toronto in sneakers the other day. That felt good. I walked all the way to Princess Margaret where they told me all is well. Kinda skipped back to work. Massive, massive, massive relief.

This weekend is wide open. I got books out of the shelves, piled and ready, if I want, whenever I feel like it. Ooo... maybe I'll finally get a card at the Bobcaygeon library.

Friday, February 26, 2010

here and there

It is great to live someplace beautiful. Every day I sit at my desk and look out at a beautiful scene. Today, a winter wonderland: peeping birds, a patrolling dog, snow-filled fields, trees, clouds. Yesterday I looked out the office window and saw 15-20 wild turkeys eating seed off the ground, under the feeders. Surreal! They spooked too soon before I could get a picture. Hope they'll be back - what a quirky bunch.

We're at the tail-end of a snowstorm - D's home from work due to the weather. He brought me coffee in bed and read aloud Wikipedia info about Myanmar/Burma, Ango-Burmans, Aung San, and so on. D's folks are from Burma (hi Char!) and it's interesting to hear about the changes that were happening there/then. We're off to Owen Sound this weekend to visit them and cousins... looking forward. We'll also be meeting with our wedding caterer on Sunday. Mmmm.

I'm having another geriatric day - my back went out yesterday. Hobbling around.

Sunday, February 14, 2010

back into it

Thought I'd drink wine and make music tonight but instead I'm drinking wine and planning the garden. It's hard to do real things when D's gone for some reason, things are on pause. Both lovely and strange to think we're so attached - the machine not fully functioning without both gears. Thankfully my valentine comes home tomorrow.

Was frustrated earlier by my Dr. Sample - it needs some soldering work done on one of the vital knobs. I might buy a kit and give it a go myself... it seems like a useful thing to know. Do soldering kits exist? Mom, can you do it?

Oh the luxury of time and how I waste it. Someday I'll look back on these lazy days with either resentment or envy.

Signed up to visit an osteopath in March... anything for the back now-a-days. I'm actually sort of excited. From wikipedia:

These are the eight major principles of osteopathy and are widely taught throughout the international osteopathic community.
1. The body is a unit.
2. Structure and function are reciprocally inter-related.
3. The body possesses self-regulatory mechanisms.
4. The body has the inherent capacity to defend and repair itself.
5. When the normal adaptability is disrupted, or when environmental changes overcome the body’s capacity for self maintenance, disease may ensue.
6. The movement of body fluids is essential to the maintenance of health.
7. The nerves play a crucial part in controlling the fluids of the body.
8. There are somatic components to disease that are not only manifestations of disease, but also are factors that contribute to maintenance of the disease state.

The opportunity just came to me and I have learned that opportunities that just come to you and feel surprising but right should be pursued.

Sunday, February 07, 2010


Peppermint tea in bed... brought to me by my love, now gone to work. Mo is purring beside me trying to attack my laptop and fingers. -15C this morning but once the sun is shining it should get up to -4. I miss waking at 6am to the sun, but it is getting lighter earlier.

The days are very slow but the months are fast. It's been an easy winter - not a lot of snow, not a lot of intolerably cold temperatures. Sort of a great winter, but I've been keeping warm indoors, skiis and hockey sticks sitting idly on the porch. Oh well. It's gonna be fun to have kids someday, yanking our sleeves to get up off the chair, away from the fireplace, and out the door. Doing stuff is usually more fun than not. Tho hibernation can feel pretty great too.

Am adjusting to a new haircut... always takes awhile to feel like yourself again, but I'm appreciating the lack of knots, the lightness, the change. The hairdresser thought I was 22. I also got shampooed for the first time in 2 years which wasn't nice. Apple cider vinegar rinses have since returned its bounce and shine.

In other news: black garlic, the return of making music, atwood, nail polish, bird feeders, wedding plans, seeds, seeds, and more seeds... for a kick ass 2010 garden.

Sunday, January 17, 2010


I've really been feeling 30 lately. Gone are the days of full day computing with no pain while still maintaining a lovely lean physique. This software developer is quickly fading into a puddle of BLAHHH. My sore back wakes me in the night, my lungs are easily winded by tiny hills, and my body pops, cracks, and creaks when I reach for things. So new motto for 2010:


Cos in all my wisdom, there is no denying - it will only get worse from here.

Yesterday I wrote out a little workout, aided by the ford fitness models on youtube of all things. It's a quick, effective little routine that should get my arms, shoulders, core, butt, and legs all toned up. Just two days in and my back is complaining a touch less. D can also enjoy the fact that I'm finally using the dumbells he got me LAST Christmas that have been collecting dust since.

I also bought a skipping rope this morning at Canadian Tire. Accidentally wacked Whisk in the face cos he thought it was playing but he'll learn, as will I.

Next on the list of things to do... get new glasses.

Saturday, January 02, 2010

new year!

Make my own salad dressings and dips (that taste good)
Grow a garden that will feed us well, even in the winter
Buy a freezer

More meditation and yoga
Strengthen my back

Plan and enjoy a beautiful wedding
Be a great newlywed
Keep fixing up da house
Participate in my community

Write more

Make buttertarts from scratch
And a pie

Less internet time-wasting
More dancing!

Appreciate all that I have, every day