Saturday, November 27, 2010


There's a weather vane on top of our chimney and on windy, cold days, it creaks. I can hear the strange metallic moan through the fireplace, but the sound is good. As always, the reminders of nature's presence/force/uncontrollable-ness are soothing to me, and living on 65 acres let's me tune into this feeling every day. I would say it is a spiritual feeling, in that I feel accompanied by what surrounds me, and it calms my own spirit.

It also reminds me to let go and enjoy what is. No matter what I decide to do about -insert thing that's on my mind-, the wind still blows, the sun still shines, the night will still turn to a new day. I find this hugely obvious observation immensely comforting and grounding.

D finished the store displays last night, and we set things up in anticipation for today's santa parade crowds. Tho most are out and about to enjoy Christmas cheer and not really shop, I think the displays are an excellent addition to the store in general, and have really added some practical retail spice.

Speaking of the store, I'm going to finish up the curry D made this morning for our lunches and get back to work on our online shop.

Thursday, November 25, 2010

hot apple cider

I've eaten so many clementines this week my tongue is feeling sharp, but I don't care... eating another as I type this! So good. And now, I'm following a simple, fragrant recipe for hot apple cider. It's a lovely time 'o year.

Tho it froze rain/hailed most of today. Luckily I'm getting my winter snow tires on on Saturday... this week's weather has kept me from driving into the city. Saturday is also Fenelon's big nighttime Santa parade, apparently attracting thousands to our small town. Hopefully it brings a little life to the store this weekend. D's building some window display shelving tomorrow and we'll set up a little Christmas'y display.

Luna's learning things from Mo:

We just did our first load of laundry in the new appliances. A marriage-y moment. I never thought I'd say this, but our front-loading washing machine is sweeeet yo.

Sitting by the fire... even tho it's a daily thing now it still feels worth mentioning, cos it's so nice. Lune's back sleeping at the top of the chair, I think she's officially laid claim to this spot, even tho she's getting big and the pillow sinks and she falls a little behind it. She's so cute.

Dang that cider smells amazing.

Oh one more thing - I've started meditating again. 10min each morning, that's it. Isn't it a Buddhist saying that every journey begins with a single step?

Sunday, November 21, 2010

november timbre

A very fast slow Sunday. Made myself sleep in just cos I haven't done that in awhile... don't like it, but glad I did it. It's like a placebo for recharging. Husband visiting his fam while I keep the fire burning and pets fed.

Visited our lovely neighbours this morning. Their little one is now 5 months old and rocking the jolly jumper. R set up his deer-cam in our bush which will hopefully yield a neat snap or two. Apparently bear tracks back there too! Going to walk the bush soon to gather wreath-materials: cedar bows, berries, leaves. Hopefully bears snooze soon.

Big excitement this week was our washing machine died. Our dryer bit the dust months ago so yesterday we bought a new pair 'o appliances from bert's, in town. Good deal, tho biggest selling point is that Bert can fix it should anything break... buying local is a lovely thing. Still feeling the money crunch tho, still waiting for a pause so we can catch our breath. I think it's just how it is right now, so really trying to find peace in knowing that it will even out and all be worth while. Investments. Planning for the future is a funny thing.

What else? Oh I made a chicken video.

Winter tires, cleaning out chicken coop (gonna put poopy straw on the garlic), making new friends, Christmas, baking, piano tuning?

Only 30 more years till I retire!!

Friday, November 12, 2010


Yawned, rolled over, hugged my husband, rolled over to the other side, hugged my dog who was whining gently at the side of the bed, nudging his nose into my arms. 6.15am - I've set Whisk to wake me up then. The way you set your dog is you set your alarm clock for a morning or two and let your dog out. From then on, he'll take over alarm clock duties. I much prefer a chilly, wet dog nose (attached to a warm fuzzy friendly little dude) to a loud, insistent beep. He even has a "snooze" feature. I say "Whisk lie down for a bit" and that'll give you another 5.

Feel around the drawers for a warm pair of D's socks, let the dogs out, light a fire. Roll the mat out and sit. Sit and feel the silent morning and smile.