Wednesday, May 27, 2009

into the city

As I write this, the commuter train is pulling into Rouge Hill station... still about 25min away from downtown Toronto's Union. Difficult to see out the windows in this grey night, in the pouring rain. I have my laptop with me as I'm in between computers at the office (someone needed my Sun station). Ah, this little MacBook is my electronic heartbeat, a metal and plastic friend.

Staying at Shoe's tonight, this night of many a couch-sleeping night. Haven't seen him in awhile despite his living room futon being a favourite crash pad of mine. On Saturday it was instead the lovely guest room and bed in the home of my bandmate, his wife, and their 7mo old jolly jumper. Lovely post-rock snooze and delicious blueberry waffles. Before that, the blow-up mattress at J&N's, another frequented spot to spend the night. Always good chats, good tea, and a good sleep. I love their cat Gary (female) and the morning muffins. These are the ones that keep me afloat in this crazy life I've organised, living in the boonies and working in the city. Once a week, I'm bestowed the generous gift of urban resting place, with friends, and for this I feel extremely grateful. I hope someday my abode can be as welcome to them, whenever the desire for a country-visit comes. (A few weekends like this already planned for this summer!)

The landscape is changing from suburbia and highway to... city outskirts. Apartment buildings, Lake Ontario, big-chain stores, slick wet pavement, smoggy dense air. I should pack up, as that means we're almost there. Then onto the subway, then a streetcar, then up an elevator. 3hrs from then, I was home - a completely different place.

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

inside the living land

A walk in our bush on the long weekend - beautiful. Wish we could go further and further in without the risk of getting lost (need compass) or being confronted by a bear (need bear-bells? pepper spray?). The feeling of being a guest, a foreigner, a stranger in the unknown depths of trees and trees and fields and trees and trees and stone fences and trees and trees and trees and swamp land... haunting, yet alluring. Like a dream. And it is interesting to me that as captivating as the forest is, we spend so little time in it, have explored so few acres of it.

I've no doubt the issue is perceived safety, but I also know this is mostly fueled by ignorance. I grew up in the fields and bush and creeks of Killaloe (mom called us to dinner with a cow bell), but that was many years ago, and traveling/city streets have instilled in me that 'needing to know' hyper-awareness of one's surroundings, for actual safety. I am sure here the animals will leave me be, for the most part, and the branches will stay put high in the rafters of the forest ceiling, for the most part, but there is never assurance. There is a lot going on in these depths I have yet to understand and trust to know my place in. So instead I respect my unknowing, and leave the acres of trees and trees and animals unscouted. I will learn and wander more as our years together let us grow accustomed. Despite officially being the owner of this land, I know it is not mine.

Monday, May 25, 2009


clockwise from top left: mrs. burns lemon basil, sweet basil, cinnamon basil, purple delight basil


Wednesday, May 20, 2009

terra cotta

A summer's day today. Hardening off tomatoes, peppers, miscellaneous plants. Working on the porch with my laptop. Clothes drying in the sun, dog panting and sleepy, cat playing in the grass (we've been letting her out... supervised), bees and hummingbirds stopping to visit, a peaceful wind, and earfuls of glorious birdsong.

Alas, off to Toronto tonight. But small price to pay for this beautiful lifestyle. And I'll be staying with great friends, checking in at the office, and practicing for our show on Saturday in Mississauga. Good things. My finger is starting to bend again, so should be a better practice than last week (could barely play plus my amp died. ugh). Strack is lending me his music man till mine's outta the shop. Will have to tape my finger up good so it doesn't split... stitches are out!

Plant splurge on Saturday: two hydrangeas (anabelle and pink diamond), rosemary, pineapple sage, silver thyme, woolly thyme, curry plant, oregano, chocolate mint, english ivy, a pretty trailer called helichrysum 'mini silver', some red onions, and a japanese barberry bush. ta da!

It was an otherwise lazy long weekend, but much needed, and we spent some time exploring the bush a little - it's so beautiful. Photos to come.

Monday, May 11, 2009

merrily may

Back home...
And spring has arrived!
Lovin' it. Despite laziness, travel, a broken tiller (my fault trying to be handy with the recoil starter. oops), four stitches and a tetanus shot (from washing dishes of all things), I've finally got some seeds in the ground! Radishes, lettuces, spinach, arugula, peas, carrots, beets, and onions are now ready to rock. Soon I'll transplant broccoli, cauliflower, and kale...

While I was away in san fran, D kept almost everything alive ♥ (didn't really need that german thyme anyway), so my small army of seedlings are still happily growing inside, awaiting warmer weather.

San Francisco was lovely. Tho mostly kept busy with work, I managed to get out a see a few things:

Lookout tower at de Young Museum (self-portrait w timer)
Sea Lions!
I also rode the cable car. Twice.
This was my first time travelling like a grown up (i.e nice hotel, work), and I really enjoyed it, but always so good to be home.