Monday, May 12, 2008


it's been awhile and there is a lot to say. i could pick anything and go on at length: prose, peril, and passion. but for now i just wanted to document the anxiety i'm feeling about an offer i've put in for a 65 acre farm yesterday. it is a great house with lots of potential and such beautiful land with 20 acres of pasture and 45 acres of cedar and pine grove. i could go on but it would not be healthy until i know, tomorrow evening, if it's been accepted. because i am not the only offer - some dude drove by the property sunday and also put in an offer, without even seeing the house! so i'm scared he's a rich developer guy, poised to take my dream away from me. of course, there are always others. must keep my head about me. but my offer is solid, so now it's up to the universe... it is the best i can do.

i've been away from home since thurs morning's bus ride into the city. look forward to the return trip, finally, tomorrow at 8am.

that's it for now friends. must get back to the last hours of office work. there will be more soon, when in quieter times.

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Hit Pay Dirt said...

That IS extremely exciting. I will cross my fingers for you, but houses always remind me that if it is meant to happen, it will happen.

I've been too busy with summertime projects, indoors and out. The past few weeks I've come in dead tired every night. I keep thinking I will catch up with HPD but I'm trying not to stress about it. When it's meant to happen, it will happen...? ;)

take care,