Saturday, June 14, 2008

nice saturday

sauntering barefoot from porch to office to back stoop to front porch to grass to kitchen to office again. plants potted, javascript coded, newspaper readed... it's been one of those quiet, breezy saturdays that you wish would never end. tho i must retract 'quiet' as the neighbours are putting a new roof on their back porch. hammering, sawing, etc. tho it's not really phasing me. i think it would if i knew i wouldn't soon be retreating to a sixty five acre farm where neighbours are few and far... possibly to the point where the buzz of a distant lawnmower might be comforting.

soaking up today as tomorrow will begin a ten day return to the big city. t e n d a y s... eek. tho it should go fast and be fun: dinner w/ shoe mon, practice tues, press mailings wed, show thurs in TO, show fri in oshawa, show sat in montreal, my birthday sunday, and show in TO again monday. -wew- the week is also peppered with dentist and chiro appts as well as long days at the office. so it goes.

another month till we move.

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