Saturday, July 05, 2008


a weekend of leisure. splurged on a 'harrowsmith country life' mag at the meaford pharmacy this morning. "200 things we love about the country" is a feature that can sell me. browsing the list now sells me further.

noticing that "show-stopping annuals" in bold at the top of the cover makes my heart flutter. a sure sign of my aging, and happiness to age, as i approach next year's 30th birthday. gee, i think that's the first time i've written "30th birthday." seeing that big number staring back hurts the head a little. so it goes.

have eaten two cukes so far. alas, while in toronto for two weeks, one of the plants dried out and lost its fruits. this one should feed us well tho.

heading over to fenelon on thursday to meet with the lawyer and sign things and hand over the moola for the farm. a steal! keys on friday then a week off to clean, rip up carpet, paint, garden, etc. all fantastically great things in the context of owning a new home. probably move belongings on the 26th. and onward.

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Ryan said...

Congrats on the new farm! Although we left the big city of Toronto several years ago now we just moved to our farm last week. I'm guessing you probably drive by our place on your way to Fenlon.