Thursday, August 07, 2008

disc drive

looking out the window at my desk, the sky is all shades of blue, a spectrum from white, deep blue, to purple. clouds all over the place and spots of rain too. thunder bubbles up randomly and the crickets are out. it's a beautiful, wet day.

d's working on the basement this week. such a mess. seems to be very excited about hanging his tools. gave the windows guy a deposit this morning so it's an official go. in six to eight weeks, there will be light - all new ones plus the bedroom one a bit bigger! will surely spruce up the place and make things feel more well-kept/functional. props to the line o credit.

driving to whitby go-station in a of couple hours for a of couple days in toronto. make an appearance at the office, hang out w/ some buddies, play a couple rock shows, celebrate d's birthday. it's going to be fun. we'll also hit china-town for special groceries (going to try and sprout/pot up some lemon grass), a couch cover, rotis, bla bla bla. yet despite all the excitement and wonder of the city, am reluctant to leave, even just for a few days, the beauty and peace of our new home and life here.

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