Thursday, September 18, 2008

response ability

at times, a small pang of anxiety and fear. home ownership. responsibilities never-ending, stretching widely into the future. spending money. keeping warm and safe. feeling happy and comfortable. anticipating a future here, with children, pets, and gardens. will all be well?

is the well water ok? will the septic tank last? will the car start in -35C weather? will the crops grow? will the canned goods keep? is help nearby? are the sheep warm? is the wood dry? are the trees going to fall? is my back going to last? will our friends visit? is this what life is now? and so on...

lying awake last night, d says quietly: we have all the time in the world my love, and all we're doing is making things better.

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Hit Pay Dirt said...

sweet telling of a MOMENT. :)