Monday, September 22, 2008


Better photos to come, but check it out y'all!! We got ourselves a sweet little buddy over the weekend. A 3 year old yellow lab (tho we think he might be younger) from an ad in the paper. He's lovely... knows how to sit, lie down, shake a paw, come, etc. Doesn't jump up or bark too much. Likes soccer and fetch. We've been keeping him tied (one rope off the porch and one in the field under a tree) with frequent walks around the perimeter of the fields to get him used to his new home. Tho today I let him off just to see how it would go... he was great! So am hopeful he'll eventually be a well behaved off-leash farm dawg!


Daniel MacDonald said...

You forgot to mention security alarm as well.

Hit Pay Dirt said...

oh what a cutie! we got ours when she was five years old and i remember that first week with her so well. have fun getting to know each other! she'll burrow deep into your heart.