Monday, October 06, 2008

missing raj

Been sort of a morose few days. Our cat is gone, out of the blue, disappeared. I think the hydro people (who were cutting down trees along the road and in our driveway) might have scared her off? But if so, strange she's not back yet as that was Thursday morning. I've walked our country road up and down several times and no cat, so then maybe... coyotes got her? Horrible thought, but reality in this area. Anyway, must admit, have let a sad cloud sit over me, meaning there is less joy in the house, which is not good or fair.

So, looking forward. In time we'll get a kitten, but Raja was truly a tops little buddy and she will be... impossible to replace and thus greatly missed. It's wild how attached you can get to a pet. It's been a decade since I've had one (two!) and the heart-brokenness I feel surprises me. Am sort of taking it as a lesson in things to come when we acquire more pets... and children! Not that I'm predicting a future of profound loss and darkness, but just a reality-check in terms of realising what you can and can't control.


Hit Pay Dirt said...

oh Heidi, I'm so sorry. The same thing happened to my parents' cat when they moved out to the country. It's so hard to picture them being outside alone in their new surroundings - harder still to stop thinking about it. I wish I had magic advice. Hug it out with your new pup.

hyd said...

thanks gill. she was actually the previous home owner's cat that we adopted - so she grew up here. am going to contact him and ask if she's done this before.