Thursday, November 06, 2008

winter prep

Beautiful days this last week. We had rushed to put the garlic in after the last dump of snow (Oct 21), and now it's like spring out there. Still, good to have it in and happy in these nice temperatures. Nice to get something in the ground as we missed this summer's garden season (moved here in July). Planted 6 pounds of music and german red... around 250 cloves! Anyone want garlic next summer?
Four cord of wood coming today - we'll be piling all weekend, with the help of my wonderful brother who's back from Alberta. Most of it on the porch and the rest along the fence facing the porch. That will be above our septic bed but I figure since it will be used up by the end of the winter, we won't have to worry about moisture/weight too much. Our spring order should probably go elsewhere. La la la.

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aMy said...

oh yum. yes please!