Monday, February 23, 2009

valentine city

Pretty roses from my valentine. Am a lucky gal. So nice to have flowers in vases in the house... need to plan for ample cut flowers in the garden, tho so many pretty wildflowers around too. I don't know much about the cut-flower industry but curious about cut flower farms in Ontario and local flower shops that stock them.

Got my 2009 grow list somewhat figured out... a few things missing but nothing a seedy saturday can't fix!

Was in the big city this weekend for a band practice and D's band's last gig eva/Ancestors' 7" release. Very enjoyable. Old Toronto friends, head-banging, late night tea. Before that, a homemade mezza at J&N: falafel, stuffed grape leaves, bulgar salad, fried cheese, pita, and maple-walnut pie for dessert. MMM!

Nice things:
1. D's Burmese chickpea mash thing
2. a tow truck driven by nice retired dairy farmer
3. february almost being over
4. rock shows at sneaky dee's
5. norma's orchid collection

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