Thursday, March 19, 2009

seeing green

Spent a solid bunch of minutes sitting on the porch last night and was restored with a feeling or rightness and wellness. Red-wing blackbirds are starting to sing and visit the feeders - I love them. Robins are picking around the fields too. The smell of soil and water and wind are all coming back full-force, and it fills me. Our first long winter in the country (since childhood) - we made it through warm-ish, dry, and happy.

Seed starting is starting to really get going. This weekend/next week, 8 weeks before the no frost date, I'll start the tomatoes and brassicas. Food-wise, peppers are starting to come up, eggplants still waiting, onions and chives are up, strawberries, rosemary, parsley.... Lots of flowers up too: pansies and lamb's ear (above photo), petunias, tansy, pink, russian sage, hyssop, catnip. So much more to come!

Nice things:
1. new ipod touch
2. how much i love D
3. peach tea
4. a good job


iHanuka said...

Sounds bloomy and touchy :)

elizabethm said...

You sound very content there. Lovely. I am so with you on the things to plant and grow. I can hardly keep up with what needs to go in.
thanks for your kind comment on mine. Here's hoping you are right and I will indeed love it!

Twwly said...

I can't wait to start my tomatoes!

Great blog.