Tuesday, July 20, 2010

response ability

For the past two years D and I have enjoyed our lovely home in the country, relatively problem free. Sure the snow blower might break down in the winter, but it's easily fixed with the help of a good neighbour. Maybe the firewood is too fresh to burn well one winter, but next winter it's bone dry and keeps us very warm. Sometimes Whisk will enjoy the company of a skunk and stink to high heaven, but we tomato juice him and move on. It's all deal-with-able. You deal and you continue forward.

It's funny getting to the point in adulthood tho, where you realise this train of moderate disaster will never end. There's always something just over the horizon that will make your to-do list longer, your bank account smaller, and your R&R time less relaxing. The real ticket then, is to make the moderate feel mild by accepting this inevitable future of obstacles. Make sure to laugh, make sure to plan for the unplanned, make sure to fit in a good meal and a movie. Because life goes fast... and if you just focus on the bummers, it's a bummer. But if instead you see them as learning opportunities in your life long quest for happiness and fulfilment, it's all good.

This week: pricey new brakes on the car, mushrooms in the bathtub, and a chicken coop. This week was also: a dinner & jam session (think jerry lee lewis on the piano) with our new white-bearded artist friend, whole-wheat pumpkin seed honey bread, and an excellent Monday of sales at the store. Roll with it.

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