Sunday, October 03, 2010

heat before the chill

Been programming all weekend... the work is endless. Store has quietened down with the tourists gone and we're considering our options for the off-season. Maybe close down a little more during the week and fill it with less engaging, more profitable work until spring come.

We're gonna get lots and lots of seeds. Organic, open-pollinated. Lovely seed displays from lovely places.

Till then...

My back won't move much this week, unless to pick up a puppy. She and Whisk have learned how to coexist, possibly even enjoy each other's company. Learning that adding a small animal to a mix of small animals increases the rambunctiousness of a household exponentially. Our mornings are frenzied happiness.

Got a dehumidifier for the basement. 70% and lowering.

I've started letting the chickens out of the coop in the late afternoons, while Whiskey sleeps. The sun is back there then and they enjoy the grass and bugs.

Did I mention I drove the tractor? It was scary. Also, got rid of 3 roosters and picked up 2 new hens... so we've a rooster and 4 hens. "Awesome chicken" is laying an egg a day. She's a Red Shaver.

Iceland in just over a week. Sweet sweet honeymoon, finally. I need a vacation like I've not needed a vacation before. Just feel like I'm always working and desperately need to unplug. Need to move my body, walk around, bend, see things. Maybe even dance. Swim. Experience the chilly, geothermal lifestyle.

Then home to hibernate... and plan. Projects will include debt management, bathroom reno, kitchen island, and hopefully more.

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