Wednesday, October 19, 2011


Belly belly belly - it's the thing I see, feel, and think about most these days. Still time to enjoy it, I think. Baby still cozy, and I'm still relaxed having the little one with me. Only a couple more days of work. I'm getting tired of sitting all day, trying to stay focused... looking forward to replacing those efforts with organising the nest and afternoon naps.

We lit our first fire of the season this afternoon to get rid of the damp chill that's been hanging around all week (daily rain and grey 'ol days). Now it's warm, cozy, sleepy, lovely. We've also been working on making the house a little homier... pictures framed, rugs laid, shelves put up. Still lots to do but lately really realising we always have what we need (each other, health, happiness, etc) and that everything else is extra. And a baby is coming to boot - wow!

Hard to believe November is right around the corner... we're trimming store hours down for the winter, planting our garlic this weekend, putting wood on the porch, on and on and on.

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