Thursday, February 28, 2008

best bro

m: went test driving cars today sis
h: right owwwwnnnnn - anything good?
m: 2002 corolla 110,000kms saftied e-tested taxes in $8300
h: did you drive 'er?
m: yep i like a little more power in a car but its not too bad at all
m: its from a toyota dealership so i want to look around some more
h: is that a corolla thing or something to do with the engine of this particular car
m: engine 4 cyclinder good on gas but moms car is a 6 cylinder and has more power
h: so when you go to pass a guy you can zip by quicker?
m: ya but someone like you probably wouldn't notice lol
m: i still want to see if we can get you a good car for like 6 grand
h: ha ha
h: okay right on - there's no rush i guess so why not keep lookin eh
m: you got it
m: anyways chat with ya later sis love ya

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