Thursday, March 06, 2008


a photo of the officey corner of my living room, last spring (i believe those are tomato, marigold, and pepper seedlings by the window). will miss this beautiful home.

edgey today like on the brink of the difference between idle and active. on one side is the snooze button, 8hrs of uninspired slow programming, coming home to a supper of a sandwich, and watching a couple episodes of the wire. on the other side is waking up before the alarm, stretching, 8hrs of motivated and exciting project initiative, errands on the way home, minestrone for dinner, hitting the gym, scrubbing the tub/sink/toilet, doing the dishes... ta daaaaaa. what's strange is one side encourages the other.

tried to puzzle out the best times and distances via car, greyhound, GO transit for getting from meaford to toronto and back once a week. i never really thought about it. so last GO train leaves barrie at 7.15am and barrie is 1.5hrs away from meaford which means i'll have to be pulling out of the driveway at... 5.30am? eee that's mildly horrific. perhaps i'll come in the night before.

am in love with janet jackson's new hit and her dance moves. so buzzed by a few watches of the youtube vid, i pinged my gf to go dancing with me tomorrow night. OH YEAH.

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Milla said...

Have never been to Canada, hey, have never been left of Wales, but enjoyed your blog - loved your feet, and thanks so much for visiting mine.
You do know, I assume, that the original "hello trees" comes from those glorious books "Top of The Skool" etc by Ronald Searle. GLorious.