Tuesday, March 04, 2008


befriended the running machine again - "it's been awhile little buddy" and off i went. did my routine in slow motion, going through the motions slowly but surely, lifting weights to old heights. i thought a couple of weeks away might've weakened me but was happy to see it was not so... just felt more rigid and sluggish. maybe i'll try to learn my legs to do the splits, said my revived motivation. have always admired dancer-like flexibility. when i got home and made a phone call, my mouth and thoughts were lazy... the body had won.

i wonder how commuting will be, if the road will tire me. it will hopefully be once a week at most, perhaps less. tho that's just toronto. there will be another commute to the east where my house-hunting will happen. tho i picture it being similar to a fun and exciting road trip instead of like a frantic day in the city, keeping office and band commitments. still, driving. i have my full licence thankfully but i've probably only used it a handfull of times in the past 10yrs. kind of freaked out and kind of totally into it... simultaneously. gotta get my road confidence and pedal feet back.

speaking of feet, i'm debating taking mom to the spa for pedicures. i bet there are many women who type such things into their blogs like "that's how i roll" but i've never had one. infact i've only ever been to a spa a few times (my benefits cover massages!) and i got my first bikini wax just last summer (jeeeeeesus). anyway... i bet moms has never had her feet did either so it might be fun. we can roll our eyes together.

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