Monday, March 03, 2008

good timing

spent a long day staring. looking at the screen, looking out the window. just kept quiet like i was doing real things when really the time was doing me. but 8 hours later i was with my boys and great guitar tone. set my pedal knobs like angel wings: the far left just left of middle, the middle one straight centered, and the right knob just right of middle. got home and turned the lights on in only one room, one that leads to an early bed time. almost...

had gazales eats with shoe and he told me about a guy that does't use time; it's useless to him. no clocks, no display on his computer. if he needs to know the time he googles "time". that way things can get done in 3 hours or 30 minutes and neither one is no thang. you can operate how you feel you need to without the tick tock on yr back.

i remember spending more of my life outside than inside. that was a long time ago. when only the sun measured our days and even then it was just a signal to sleep and start again tomorrow.

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