Wednesday, March 26, 2008

so long

beer bottles, wine bottles, uninteresting books, unflattering clothes, cobwebs, crumbs, filth in general, freezer burned vegetables, barely used condiments, cans with expiry dates of years past, more plastic bags, rubber bands, and twist-ties than ever needed, bills from 2006, dentist appointment reminders from 2007, take out menus for places i've never heard of, phone numbers i've never called, candidates i've never voted for, upstairs neighbours, landlord, old people who complain about my weeds, bathurst's ugliness, bloor street's trash, streetcars screeching, sirens, the smell of exhaust... adios!


Hit Pay Dirt said...

WHAT?!? You're not taking that stuff with you? You're a better mover and shaker than me. I have packed up so much junk - repeatedly no less! - over the years. Good on you for purging what's not needed.

hyd said...

hehe :)