Wednesday, April 02, 2008


tea warming my hands but the only chill i'm easing is that of fresh air on my skin. the cold city is behind me now, south and east two and half hours. i could narrate the comedy of my move (antics of uhaul, pile 'o stuff that ensued, a late night journey and unpacking) but instead i'll type forward, looking back only to acknowledge and appreciate the steady love and helpfulness from boy, bro, and pal. couldn't have done it without 'em. and of course there was a visit to the folks on the same day, for a couple of days, that allowed me to rest, refuel, and borrow some wheels. i watched gardening and home renovation shows, a sign of the age and place i'm at. the five hour drive to meaford (i.e. home) was rainy but i felt sunny.

listening to the crows sing along with cbc as i blink at my code, the latest svn checkout of the sign language project. technically i am 'at work' and therefore, working...

i hear a cardinal too, which is reassuring. i was particularly fond of, and frequently cheered by, a red cardinal that lived in my toronto backyard. but sounds like he's got friends up here.


Hit Pay Dirt said...

welcome home! :)

Anonymous said...

hello heidi,

good for you for making the move-your blog is lovely to read as usual

-i dont regret my move from TO for a second, and its been a yeah and a half now:-)

h said...

thanks gals. k, has it really been that long? wow. from the bits and pieces you post on fb, i gather it's an amazing experience. sometimes ya just gotta change things up.