Sunday, November 09, 2008


Today is thoroughly about the slow pace. Woken up by the nose of a yellow lab, staying warm under covers while my love makes coffee, watching the sky change from pink to orange to blue out new windows, getting up to get the fire going again, reading the big Saturday newspaper, making hummus... that kinda day. Right now I'm on the couch with Whiskey lying at the end (nice leg rest), Moe's over on the chair. Belly full, fire going, sweat shirt and leggings, etc. D's visiting his folks till Tuesday so I'm enjoying a quiet quiet night. Just the fan of the fireplace really, and this.

We didn't realise the Dharma Centre was just around the corner till after moving here. D drives by it all the time now as it's close to his work. Looking at their retreats online, I see there are a lot of very cool opportunities but with steepish price tags. So for now, a reminder of the richness of meditation... and perhaps a weekend to save for ;)

Tho a whole place dedicated to the experience just up the road - why not here too, for free? Mindfulness practice was a life-saver years back but since feeling well again, has been put on the shelf. And everyday since stopping, I've missed it. So tonight, in the quiets, I sat on the rug by the fire, crossed my legs, straightened my back, and breathed. sooooooooooooo... huuuummmmmmmmm... sooooooooooooo... huuummmmmmmmmmmmm... Not ten breaths in, there is a small prickle at the ends of my fingers. Attacked by the claws of a small beast, my hands are pawed into action - scooping her up and placing little Moe in my lap, I can't help but smile. The interruptions of my country life are really little meditations themselves.

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