Wednesday, November 19, 2008


Ain't he cute? Our little sunshine. Snow snow snow and subzero temps this week - I guess a second big melt is beyond us now. Darn, there are a few yard chores yet to do that would be easier without it. But it's really beautiful! And sort of exciting. A new season, a new adventure. Have started the 3am stoking of the fire so the house isn't ice when we wake at 6.30. Learning that each place has a rhythm that you figure out over time, for it to run smoothly, happily (& warmly) with whomever lives in it.

In these indoory times, have been turning inwards toward the comforts of home & self. Good food, baths, wine, sitting on the couch by the fire, making up dialogue for the pets, HBO television on dvd, etc.

It's a good life... a great life! Tho I feel a little spoiled. The off-grid time (i.e. not really participating in society) is stirring in me a desire to do something more... meaningful. I feel like we'll get there, producing something or offering something that will be beneficial to those around us, so for now just keeping that in mind as we brainstorm all the different ways our little farm could evolve.

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