Wednesday, November 26, 2008


Have started getting Whisk to take me for walks. Our road is quiet and beautiful so we just go to the rich people's place and back, up the road a ways. For some reason the ditch across from their farm is his choice bathroom stop and that amuses me a little. Sometimes neighbour C, an older happy chatty chap, is out and we gossip a little about the other neighbours and trade our own personal tid-bits of info. I like it so much he's made my Christmas card list.

With 'Cedar Tree' road not too far away, it's no surprise that our road is lined with... cedars. Thick, dense hedges that, when walking alone in silence, feel large and haunting but in a protective way. You can sense that despite the quiets, there is a lot going on in the depths, little rabbit and mouse tracks criss-crossing the snow beneath the trees. It is the same sensation of unknown savage activity that has kept us from exploring our own bush (about 50 acres) tho now that the bears are sleeping, am feeling more brave. Our last attempt at walking the trail along the north side was thwarted by steaming piles of bear poop. Despite walking with our friends and two dogs, we took it as a reasonable warning. The thought of getting cut off along the trail behind us by a large black beast was too spooky to ignore so we headed back right away.

Another nice walk is the Victoria rail trail in Fenelon. D and I (and the dawg of course) walked an hour or more on it last Sunday morning. It's a cushy hike, meeting many a post-church-walking senior, but you get to ogle the huge lovely cottages that line the trail and Cameron lake. We saw a Shih Tzu in an army jacket and three ATVs. Then we were both like, "we need some ATVs!"

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