Sunday, December 14, 2008

the roads we take

An easy Sunday morning... pets fed, fire rekindled, bathroom cleaned, breakfast eaten, dishes soaking, shower pending, and right now just catching up on some work. Preparing for a small meeting tomorrow in the city, then Whisk will need a walk (tho we bought the petsafe in-ground fence stuff yesterday, so soon he will be running again! without phone calls from unhappy neighbour! we hope!), and I'll have to pack a bag, then drive to the commuter train station about 1.5hrs away, then another 45min trip into the city, then a streetcar to band practice at 7pm... wew! Days like this are strange and great to me - one minute, I'm walking along a deserted, unplowed country road with my dog, the next I'm chatting with strangers on Queen St., en route to playing loud guitar and screaming with band-mates. It's a dual existence and it's so cool to get to live both.

What's a winter post without a weather update? Earlier this week, temperatures were in the -20's and now it's mild and heading for +7! On top of lots and lots and LOTS of precipitation... snow, rain, sleet, it makes for crazy driving conditions. Am hoping the snow let's up so that D gets home safe and I can make it to the big smoke tonight. Full on snow-storm right now so we'll see.

D's snowman from a couple weeks ago... and now we have even more snow!

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