Monday, January 05, 2009

a new year

Was thinking I'd do a longish, heartfelt, inspired 2008 year in review. But that's only fun to do in December, when in good position to pause and look back on the soon ending year. Missed the boat on that - it's 2009! More in the looking forward zone than looking back. However, 2008 was so so great so here's its top ten, in no particular order:

1. leaving Toronto
2. living in lovely Meaford, in JP's big beautiful house, for awhile with D while he finished school and we searched for a house (April-July)
3. switching to working from home and going to the office one a weekish
4. all the fun of our band releasing a record and touring
5. exploring the Kawarthas on a crazy winter's day road trip
6. thanks to wonderful real estate agent, finding & buying a quiet, beautiful 65 acre farm! with tractor! (May)
7. living & fixing up house with my love D (July)
8. adopting Whiskey and Mo (fall)
9. dad giving me his car, a green '97 Malibu
10. getting engaged to D!! (Dec 24th)

Gee so much can happen in just 365 days :)

Keeping with the list thing, things am looking forward to in 2009:

1. fixing up the house
2. a big-ass veg/herb garden, and lots of nice flower gardens! maybe chickens?
3. planning a wedding!
4. more music, both solo and with the band
5. meeting more friends in the area
6. seeing my family more often (hi mom!) now that we're only 2.5hrs apart
7. learning to sew
8. finding ways to exercise: running, a v-ball team, swimming, weights, yoga...
9. making more time for meditation/mindfulness practice
10. another beautiful year of enjoying the all small pleasures of my life here - love, pets, nature, fresh air, quiet, etc etc etc!

More listyness:

A blog-pledge type thing to list 5 things a day that make life lovely. This is actually something I've been meaning to do for awhile now so here's an easy way to get it goin - five things a day might get a little much, so instead I'll post five things a week? Maybe more if I'm really feeling it that day.

1. d's curry & dhal
2. apple cinnamon tea
3. healthy, happy parents & brothers
4. harrowsmith country life magazine
5. the fireplace


Hit Pay Dirt said...

CONGRATULATIONS HEIDI!!!!!!!!! What a wonderful way to cap off 2008! I wish you and D all the best. :)


sweetlocal said...

congrats! just found your blog-cool!