Wednesday, January 14, 2009


Detox diets are, for the most part, bogus. That said, I started one yesterday! Not really following a pre-made plan, tho it's loosely inspired by Ann Louise Gittleman's book (very loosely - her menu plans are all meat and I'm a veggie). But the basic gist is no coffee, no alcohol, no refined sugars, no wheat flours, no processed foods (or rather, overly processed with weird additives/chemicals - practically everything you buy has been to some extent). I'm also cutting out dairy, tho don't eat very much of it anyway and chillin' out on eating so much soy.

When I wake up and before bed, I have a glass of unsweetened cranberry juice w/ 1 tsp greens+, a fibre supplement, and a couple glasses of water. Nettle tea (2 cups) and water (8 glasses total) throughout the day. Breakfast is a good smoothie w/ flax seed oil, hemp protein powder, fruit, juice, rice milk, etc. Lunch and dins are soups, stir fries, quinoa, tempeh, lentil, couscous, bean, etc. concoctions, salads, using nice oils like flax, sesame, grape... actually not too far off from my usual meals, but minus all the mindless snacking and sugar and so on.

The reason I'm doing this is not really to do a super cleanse on my liver, colon, kidneys or whatever, that's where the bogus stuff usually comes in, but to bring awareness to how I eat, stop eating so much sugar, see if wheat affects me (mild alergy?), drink more fluids, and make sure I'm getting enough protein. Will post menu plan for whomever is interested somewhere (wish I could do a "read more" at the end of this, but not sure how). Also worth noting is that I'd rather not lose weight, or feel hungry (!), so portions are the same as how I normally eat.

Oh and hey check out my cute pets in a rare moment of possibly mutual affection:

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