Wednesday, February 11, 2009

rain in february

Love seeing the snow piles fade with today's +6C and rain. Once the rain stops, I'm going to finally walk down the road allowance with Whisk and see what the rest of our property looks like. It's ridiculous we haven't been to the end yet! - our last attempt was hindered by bear scare. Looking forward to seeing what we'll find tho guessing there won't be too many surprises, just more trees. Trees and trees and more beautiful trees.

Seed orders are coming in! Richters arrived this week and included the following:
Basil, Purple Delight
Basil, Mrs. Burns Lemon
Chamomile, German
Cucumber, Lemon
Savory, Summer
Spinach, Bloomsdale
Chives, Mauve Garlic
Strawberry, Alpine (not yet - on back order apparently)
Hyssop, Rose Nectar
Pink, Sweet

Going to start some of the perennial flowers tonight, to join the ones I started February 1st. Of those, pansies, lamb's ear, cat nip, and rosemary are up! C'mon spring!!

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