Tuesday, August 25, 2009

small harvests

Even the tiniest skirt-full of garden veggies can make a kitchen sparkle. The initial goal was more like wheelbarrow-fulls, however, I've much to learn... and much to till.

But it doesn't take much to feel thankful toward the earth. That sounds so floaty, but it's just so nice that we can interact directly with the ground, alone, watch the weather, the seasons, and receive the food we eat. It's always there, quietly providing, accepting our nurture with patience and forgiveness.

Mmm... tomatoes for daily sandwiches and pretty photos. Tho am realising the high vegetable content of my photographs these days. Sort of a yawn? It's year one in the garden and I'm renewly amazed by the generosity of the the little seeds I planted mere months ago. Does the feeling of magic wear off? I just made up that word 'renewly' by the way... it's a new, returning, wonder each summer.

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The Eggman said...

Nice looking veggies, what are the white beans?