Sunday, November 01, 2009

woman's work

The tiller has landed. A nice mid-tine honda... and I had no idea how to work it. The rental guy dropped it off while we were out so I missed whatever tips he could give me. An hour in and I decided it was a waste of money as I was simply not strong enough to get the job done. The thing pulled my 125-pound self around the field no matter how much I tried to hold it back, to get it to dig down. What else does one do in these situations than... call Dad.

Dad's tip was to use the depth bar. OHHHHHHH, that thing that's sticking out the back? So out I went again, set the bar low, jabbed it down into the ground and voila... it held the thing back and made it dig in. I felt like I had just tamed a wild horse.

About half way done in this photo, after doing a bit more this morning. It's miraculously sunny now, and I just finished breakfast and a little coffee... so back out I go. I think I'll divide the 30x30'-ish plot into four quadrants.


Meighan said...

I love it!!!! Looks great :D

The Eggman said...

What beautiful dark soil you have, enjoy it. I'm sure it will provide you with loads of wonderful food.