Sunday, January 17, 2010


I've really been feeling 30 lately. Gone are the days of full day computing with no pain while still maintaining a lovely lean physique. This software developer is quickly fading into a puddle of BLAHHH. My sore back wakes me in the night, my lungs are easily winded by tiny hills, and my body pops, cracks, and creaks when I reach for things. So new motto for 2010:


Cos in all my wisdom, there is no denying - it will only get worse from here.

Yesterday I wrote out a little workout, aided by the ford fitness models on youtube of all things. It's a quick, effective little routine that should get my arms, shoulders, core, butt, and legs all toned up. Just two days in and my back is complaining a touch less. D can also enjoy the fact that I'm finally using the dumbells he got me LAST Christmas that have been collecting dust since.

I also bought a skipping rope this morning at Canadian Tire. Accidentally wacked Whisk in the face cos he thought it was playing but he'll learn, as will I.

Next on the list of things to do... get new glasses.

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