Sunday, February 07, 2010


Peppermint tea in bed... brought to me by my love, now gone to work. Mo is purring beside me trying to attack my laptop and fingers. -15C this morning but once the sun is shining it should get up to -4. I miss waking at 6am to the sun, but it is getting lighter earlier.

The days are very slow but the months are fast. It's been an easy winter - not a lot of snow, not a lot of intolerably cold temperatures. Sort of a great winter, but I've been keeping warm indoors, skiis and hockey sticks sitting idly on the porch. Oh well. It's gonna be fun to have kids someday, yanking our sleeves to get up off the chair, away from the fireplace, and out the door. Doing stuff is usually more fun than not. Tho hibernation can feel pretty great too.

Am adjusting to a new haircut... always takes awhile to feel like yourself again, but I'm appreciating the lack of knots, the lightness, the change. The hairdresser thought I was 22. I also got shampooed for the first time in 2 years which wasn't nice. Apple cider vinegar rinses have since returned its bounce and shine.

In other news: black garlic, the return of making music, atwood, nail polish, bird feeders, wedding plans, seeds, seeds, and more seeds... for a kick ass 2010 garden.

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Meighan said...

Yay seeeeeeeeds!!!