Friday, February 26, 2010

here and there

It is great to live someplace beautiful. Every day I sit at my desk and look out at a beautiful scene. Today, a winter wonderland: peeping birds, a patrolling dog, snow-filled fields, trees, clouds. Yesterday I looked out the office window and saw 15-20 wild turkeys eating seed off the ground, under the feeders. Surreal! They spooked too soon before I could get a picture. Hope they'll be back - what a quirky bunch.

We're at the tail-end of a snowstorm - D's home from work due to the weather. He brought me coffee in bed and read aloud Wikipedia info about Myanmar/Burma, Ango-Burmans, Aung San, and so on. D's folks are from Burma (hi Char!) and it's interesting to hear about the changes that were happening there/then. We're off to Owen Sound this weekend to visit them and cousins... looking forward. We'll also be meeting with our wedding caterer on Sunday. Mmmm.

I'm having another geriatric day - my back went out yesterday. Hobbling around.

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