Saturday, April 03, 2010

feeling green

Thought I'd type a few words before heading to Bobcaygeon to get myself a cone of you know what at the Kawartha Dairy. Today is pure summer - about 25C which is quite warm for early spring. Surely it will dip down again soon but in meantime, shorts, gardening, and hanging out on the porch. I feel so much better with so much fresh air and sun.

Couldn't resist planting a few things: swiss chard, kale, radishes, lettuce, and spinach. Might have to cover them at some point this month but should be okay.

We're aiming to open our green store Sat May 1st - the drywall and painting are all done, and floor goes in today. Next week D will be planning/making shelving and doing the trim work. It's going to be great. Placing orders early this week. Getting a handle on Quickbooks. What a whirlwind but consistently feels good, so focusing on that while we move forward.

Other things: laundry on the line, bird song, frog song, happy tired pets, fitting in house cleaning, bare feet, appreciation of good well water, tomatoes started.

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