Tuesday, May 18, 2010

fiancee moment

Not sure this beer will help me fit into my wedding dress but it sure works for right now. Mowing the lawn (even tho D did most of it *cough*) is hard work. Also, I still love him even tho he mowed over my hydrangea.

Summer's pretty much here, along with the skitties, but I'll take it! Frost should be over soon, if not already. Basement plants need to spread their roots, and I need a chaise lounge to lie in. Can't wait to go swimming.

Dad turned 59 today! Visited the folks over the weekend and baked a carrot cake with cream cheese icing - something I must do again soon. Also, my bro left for another summer doing road construction out west. Things move along...

Madly striking things off wedding to-do list. Really looking forward to the party, being married, and then... taking a break from to-do lists. Since April (store) it's been non stop! But I ain't complainin', life is full and good. Cheers!

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