Monday, June 14, 2010


A bit paused: weeds - "after the wedding", chickens - "after the wedding", music making - "after the wedding", home improvements - "after the wedding", budgeting properly - "after the wedding", hosting dinner parties - "after the wedding", calling D my husband to townsfolk, but it actually being real - "after the wedding", etc.

The days are normal, it's just a pause on larger things... because a wedding is a large thing. Even tho all is sorted, it takes up mental space. Getting married makes me feel lucky, calm, excited, ready for the future, happy, solid. Now that there are less than a few weeks left, I'm just really amazed by it all. The realness of how great this is. What a gift.

On the weekend my amazing mama hosted a bridal shower for me back home. Surrounded by the women that have watched me grow up, coming full circle to join the ranks of ladies who enjoy kitchen stuffs and gardening and food made with love and a nice glass of wine on the porch on a Saturday afternoon. It's good to feel comfortable in that world, and to be welcomed by so many.

Whisk found a groundhog the other day. Cute thing:


The Eggman said...

What beautiful post Heidi...

Cate said...

how lovely to be a full on bride and just soak up this moment. there are so many things to do. there always are. it sounds like you are enjoying it all.

best wishes, heidi! and blow a kiss to your resident groundhog.