Friday, November 12, 2010


Yawned, rolled over, hugged my husband, rolled over to the other side, hugged my dog who was whining gently at the side of the bed, nudging his nose into my arms. 6.15am - I've set Whisk to wake me up then. The way you set your dog is you set your alarm clock for a morning or two and let your dog out. From then on, he'll take over alarm clock duties. I much prefer a chilly, wet dog nose (attached to a warm fuzzy friendly little dude) to a loud, insistent beep. He even has a "snooze" feature. I say "Whisk lie down for a bit" and that'll give you another 5.

Feel around the drawers for a warm pair of D's socks, let the dogs out, light a fire. Roll the mat out and sit. Sit and feel the silent morning and smile.

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