Sunday, November 21, 2010

november timbre

A very fast slow Sunday. Made myself sleep in just cos I haven't done that in awhile... don't like it, but glad I did it. It's like a placebo for recharging. Husband visiting his fam while I keep the fire burning and pets fed.

Visited our lovely neighbours this morning. Their little one is now 5 months old and rocking the jolly jumper. R set up his deer-cam in our bush which will hopefully yield a neat snap or two. Apparently bear tracks back there too! Going to walk the bush soon to gather wreath-materials: cedar bows, berries, leaves. Hopefully bears snooze soon.

Big excitement this week was our washing machine died. Our dryer bit the dust months ago so yesterday we bought a new pair 'o appliances from bert's, in town. Good deal, tho biggest selling point is that Bert can fix it should anything break... buying local is a lovely thing. Still feeling the money crunch tho, still waiting for a pause so we can catch our breath. I think it's just how it is right now, so really trying to find peace in knowing that it will even out and all be worth while. Investments. Planning for the future is a funny thing.

What else? Oh I made a chicken video.

Winter tires, cleaning out chicken coop (gonna put poopy straw on the garlic), making new friends, Christmas, baking, piano tuning?

Only 30 more years till I retire!!

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