Tuesday, December 21, 2010


Our third winter in the country... my how things change. All the responsibility we've taken on, it's really built our life here.

Sometimes I forget how increasingly unmoving that makes us, but how nice that is, and how firm we stand on the ground up here, 2 hours north. It is our community and our land, it is our friends and each other. We held hands and dove in and now we're fish in this tiny, gracious pond.

When I can't make the city, it realises my ties. Not to just the bank account, but the little chicken mouths to feed, and the locals we keep our store open for (even in the quiet, quiet winters). Not worth it to leave unless for work - work funds here-ness, and here is all we have and aspire to.

We are rich in our love for the quiet, the fields, one another, our pets, the dreams, the possibility. We've created and continue to create our experience, and it means replacing old ones. Even tho space and time are infinite, I keep becoming aware that mine are not. Humbling, centering.

We saw the lunar eclipse at 3:10am on winter solstice, under clear starry skies, in deafening silence.


Anonymous said...

best blog post i ever read i guess :)

hyd said...

thanks sergei!